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We are a non-profit volunteer organization that supports Canfield football and cheer in grades 7-12. Our mission is to help the program succeed on the field and give every Canfield football player and cheerleader the best possible experience. 

Not sure what we do? Here's a short list:

Team dinners, breakfasts, Sunday senior dinners, charter busses, football uniforms, cheer uniforms, alternate blackout jerseys, equipment, medical trainers, senior fence banners, cafeteria banners, senior on-location and studio group photos, hype videos, banquet, banquet gifts, away-game team feeds, cheerleader judges, food for cheerleader judges, additional football coaches, scrapbooks, cheer bows, flowers for senior parents, patches for letterman jackets, state championship trophy & display case, overnight team camp, bonfires, post workout nutritional shakes, speed trainers, state championship community signs, coaches clinics w/hotel expenses, game day photographers, game & practice film software, game day tunnel, victory bell, and a TON of Canfield gear! 

Gridiron Meetings

Everything we do for Canfield football & cheer happens because of volunteers who generously donate their time. We are very appreciative of all who have helped, and continue to help, make this Gridiron club one of the best in the state. 

But in order to maintain this high standard, we need volunteers. We're always looking to do more --- and that means we always need more help! 


If you want to get involved, start by attending one of our meetings. Get a feel for what we do and learn how you can help! 


During Football Season:

  • Every Monday evening at 7 PM, starting in August 


Off Season:

  • The first Monday of every month
  • No meeting in December


Meetings are held in the CHS study hall room. 

2024 Committee Members & Chairs

Corporate Sponsorships

Ryan Cuffle


Chris Rappach

4th of July Parade

Melissa Payne, Brad Payne

Decals/Yard Signs

Melinda Rappach

Spirit Wear

Melinda Rappach

Meet the Team

Melinda Rappach, Chris Rappach

Raffle Baskets (Meet the Team)

Christy Hull, Jenn Bennett

50/50 Raffle

Holly Harrington


Senior Night

Diane Palmer, Missi Pompoco


Susan Pannunzio, Lisa Campbell, Tracy Dovich, Melissa Lewis


Melinda Rappach

Battle of 224 Shirt

Chris Rappach

Blackout Shirt

Chris Rappach

The "Word" Shirt

Chris Rappach

Military Liaison

John Christy

Sound System

Ryan Cuffle, Chris Rappach

Blackout Event Coordinator

Chris Rappach

Scoreboard (Exploratory)

Ryan Cuffle, Chris Rappach

Special Advisor

Chris Rappach

Team Dinners

Missi Pompoco (CHAIR), Melinda Rappach, Angie Lolakis, JoAnn Weber, Patty Pacella, Beth DeLucia, Melinda Furr, Christy Hull, Lori Payne, Jenn Bennett, Shannan Dinger, Susan Pannunzio, Carolyn Berardino, Janice Shina, Cindy George, Tracy Dovich, Phyllis Schaab, Nikki Accordino, Jen Meyers, Holly Harrington, Melanie Gaffney, Shannon Cutrer, Kristen Joseph, Lisa Scharrer, Jennifer DeNiro

Breakfast of Champions

Melinda Rappach (CHAIR), Angie Lolakis, JoAnn Weber, Candace Lunsford, Patty Pacella, Missi Pompoco, Lisa Christy, Jen Bennett, Lori Payne, Christy Hull, Tracy Dovich, Melanie Gaffney, Shannan Dinger, Jenn Scarmack, Holly Harrington, Melissa Lewis, Kristen Joseph, Lisa Scharrer, Jennifer DeNiro


Melinda Rappach, Angie Lolakis, JoAnn Weber, Patty Pacella, Candace Lunsford, Susan Pannunzio, Carolyn Berardino, Janice Shina, Beth DeLucia, Lisa Dingman, Jen Meyers, Melissa Lewis, Jennifer DeNiro


Senior Parent Committee

Patty Pacella, Diane Palmer, Missi Pompoco, Carolyn Berardino, Beth DeLucia, Nikki Accordino

Game Day Tunnel

Joel Albrecht (CHAIR), Chris Rappach, John Christy, Gus Lolakis, Joe Murphy, Sam Carsonie, Dan Pacella, Kwon Miller, Bob Weber, Steve DeLucia, Rob Dovich, Matt Campbell, Tim Toth, Anthony Mangiarelli

Football Parent Liaisons
Senior-  Missi Pompoco
Junior - 
Melinda Rappach

Sophomore - Susan Pannunzio
Freshman - Rebecca Halcomb
8th Grade - Gina Brace
Cheer Parent Liaisons
Varsity-  Phyllis Schaab
JV - 
Melanie Gaffney

Freshman - Michelle Sebastiani
8th Grade - Susan Carsonie
7th Grade - Toni Rusu

Please visit us in our concession stand. The food is fantastic and the service is friendly and quick.  The Gridiron Club would like to thank Mr. & Mrs. John Annichini for their generous donation of the concession stand.

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